Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Home

HouseMoving is a stressful and emotional process and downsizing to a smaller home is no different, no matter what the circumstance is. Depending on the size of your new home and the amount of storage it offers, you might have to say goodbye to some of your beloved item – including furniture, clothing, and various knick knacks. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed during this process, Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition is here to help!

Tip #1: Plan Ahead

Moving is a long and tiring process and the last thing you want to do is leave all of your moving tasks until the last minute. Three months out, start looking for a moving company, take measurements of your new space, and figure out what items you can and cannot take with you. Knowing what furniture will fit in your new house will make the moving process easier, you won’t have to worry about moving the pieces you won’t be using!

Tip #2: Get an Objective Opinion

We understand that getting rid of the items you cherish can be a difficult process and that’s where you can benefit the most from an objective opinion. Enlist someone that knows you well that can be realistic about your new space and can tell you what you should be keeping and what isn’t necessary to keep.

Tip #3: Reuse, Recycle, Donate & Sell

When you’re in the movig process, don’t throw away any of the items you won’t use in your new space. Seperate them into four pile: reuse/repurpose, recycle, donate, and sell. Bring the items you’re planning to sell to a consignment shop and drop off any donations at your favorite local charity. This way, other people can benefit from the items you’re not going to use. If you’re unsure of the proper way of recycling the remaining items or don’t have time to deal with it yourself, call Elite Junk Removal Services to recycle them for you!

Tip #4: Organize the Items You Plan on Moving

When you’re packing up your current home, organize the items you’re boxing up depending on the room they are meant for and properly label the box with the room in the house and what’s in the box (i.e. utensiles, plates, etc.). This will make it easier for the movers to place the boxes in the correct spaces and will make finding things much easier when you’re unpacking.

Tip #5: Think Multipurpose Items

Smaller homes means less storage and getting creative with the pieces you currently own or plan on purchasing. When deciding between what to bring to your new home and what to leave behind, ask yourself whether or not the piece can be used for multiple purposes. This will help you eliminate having too many items crammed into one space.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Recycling

RecyclablesRecycling is one of the easiest ways society can improve the economy, the environment, and prevent waste from entering the ocean and harming innocent animals. The average person only recycles a fraction of the waste they use every day and through education, we can help change the way people view their waste.

What is the Recycling Process?

There are three parts of the recycling process:

  • Collection – The process of recovering recyclables to be processed down to the raw material
  • Manufacturing – After the materials are processed down to raw material, they are then remanufactured to their new consumer good
  • Buying – Buying the recycled goods is the final step in the recycling process

Are Batteries Recyclable?

Yes, batteries (especially rechargeable ones) contain heavy metals that can contaminate the environment. If your batteries are no longer working, it’s important to never throw them away and recycle them instead. During the junk removal process, we can recycle your old batteries for you but if you’re looking to dispose of them faster, your local office supply store, electronics store, and hardware store typically offer battery recycling free of charge.

Can My Electronics be Recycled?

Yes! If your electronics are still intact, whether they are working properly or not, they can be recycled and used to repair other electronics. One of the ways older electronics are repaired are with parts from the electronics that people have recycled in the past. If there are fluids leaking from your electronics or if the screen is broken, the electronic is considered a hazardous material and has to be disposed of through the proper channels. In either case, Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition will be able to recycle and/or dispose of your electronics!

What Items Should I Never Try to Recycle?

We try to recycle as many items as possible, but there are still numerous items that can’t be recycled. The following items should never be placed into your recycling bin:

  • Broken glass, syringes, light bulbs, and sewing needles
  • Boxes that have been soiled by food grease (i.e. take out containers and pizza boxes)
  • Propane tanks
  • Paint and other chemicals
  • Aerosol cans that are not empty
  • Garden hoses

If you have any questions about what can and cannot be recycled or are interested in our recycling program, give Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition a call today at (978) 317-5388.

Fall Cleaning Checklist

Fall Yard CleanupThe fall weather has finally made an appearence in Eastern Massachusetts, making it the perfect weather for preparing for winter and doing any last minute cleaning and organizing of your home before the holidays. We’ve put together a long list of of indoor and outdoor tasks to ensure you don’t neglect any space!

Indoor Tasks

1. Clean your windows. Your windows are the eyes of your home and are an easy task your kids can even help with! Plan to clean them on a cloudy day, when it’s easier to dust and streaks.

2. Have your carpets cleaned. It’s wise to have your carpets cleaned twice per year, especially if you have pets. We suggest cleaning your carpets in the spring and fall, as they are a little less hectic, the weather is cool making it more comfortable to have your windows open during the process, and children are in school.

3. Declutter & cleanout your attic. Before you start digging around in your attic for holiday decorations, take a day to go through your attic, organize any boxes, and donate furniture you no longer use to make it easier to get around. This will also create more space for any summer items you need to store.

4. Clean your dryer vents. Lint and clogged dryer vents are a serious fire hazard, especially during the dry winter months with the heat running in your home. Keep an eye on your lint screen and call in a professional to clean your dryer vent to avoid any hazards.

5. Have your furnace maintenanced. Before you start running your heating system this winter, make an appointment to have a furnace tune-up to help your system run more efficiently, expand its lifespan, and lower your heating bills.

6. Cleanout & organize your garageDuring the winter, your garage will be utilize more so than any other time of the year. Between storage, snow removal, and holiday party prep, you’re going to need as much space as you can. Our best tip is to remove everything from your garage, clean the surgaces (sweep, leaf blow, etc.) and organize the items you use consistently as you fill your garage back up. Leave all of the items you no longer need or use in your driveway and call Elite Junk Removal to come pick them up to ensure they are disposed through the proper channels.

Outdoor Tasks

1. Inspect your roof. Before the snow starts falling, take the time to inspect your roof for any missing or damaged shingles to help eliminate leaks come winter. Missing shingles can also increase the changes of ice build up under the shingles that still remain, causing expensive damage.

2. Clean out your gutters. Build up in your gutters can cause another slue of issues from clogged drains to water damage behind your siding and gutter damage from the built up weight. After the majority of the leaves in your yard have finished falling,

3. Clean your windows. Since you’ve already cleaned the inside of your windows, you mine as well clean the outside as well. This will give you the opportunity to remove any gunk from the glass before it freezes during the cold, winter months.

4. Unplug and drain water fountains and sprinkler systems. Blowing out your sprinkler system and draining any water from water fountains will avoid cracked and damaged pipes, water fountains, and costly repairs.

5. Clean your deck and yard of debris. Duing the winter months, your lawn won’t need much maintenance but giving it a final (short) cut, raking up leaves, and disposing of any other debris will make yard cleanup come spring much easier.

6. Cover outdoor furniture. Covering the outdoor furniture you can’t bring indoors will help reduce the amoutn of rusting over the cold, wet winter months. If you have furniture that you no longer use, disposing of it will make winterizing your property much easier.

For all of your junk removal, demolition, and home cleanout needs this fall, call Elite Junk Removal & Demolition today at (978) 317-5388.

5 Tips for Creating Space for the Holidays

Garage StorageThe holiday season is right around the corner which means dinner parties, decorations, time with family, and gift giving. Is your home ready for the holiday world wind? Make extra space for storing holiday decor and new items you are sure to acquire during the holiday season by reorganizing and eliminating the items you no longer use or need.

1. Purchase new storage containers

Do you have a bad habit of quickly taking down holiday decor and shoving it in a box for the off season? Don’t worry – we’ve all been there. Often times this means frustration when you get ready to decorate next year, you are greeted by a box of broken decorations and half working strings of light. Get ahead of the frustration and pick up new storage containers before the end of the holiday season. Go through all of the old boxes in your attic and donate any decor you no longer use and throw away any broken strings of lights, decorations, candles, and ornaments. This will give you a fresh start to organize your holiday decor at the end of the holiday season and ensure you are only storing the items that are working.

2. Organize your closet(s)

Between the urge of purchasing new clothing for holiday events and storing guests jackets, you’re going to need as much space in your closet as possible. Organize your closet by color and item type to get an idea of what you already own so you’re not purchasing duplicate items. The clothing and outwear you no longer wear but is in good shape, donate to local shelters and charities to help others in need and to free up extra space in your bedroom and hall closets.

3. Donate kitchen appliances you never use

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is where you’ll be doing all of your holiday food prep. With the amount of guests coming over, you have enough food to feed a small village and not enough places to store it. Go through your cabinets, toss/donate any food items you no longer use and finally get rid of that bread maker and any other small appliances that have been sitting in the pantry for years and has never been used. This will free up the extra space needed to store holiday cooking ingredients.

4. Organize your receipts

Are you still holding on to receipts from last holiday season? Hold on to receipts for electronics but get rid of any other receipts since you no longer need. Pick up a receipt organizer the next time you’re out running errands to get ahead of the gift receipts you’ll be holding on to this year.

5. Tackle your child’s playroom

One of the most difficult spaces to organize, use this opportunity as a learning experience to help your children give to other children in need. Any of the toys that are still working, donate to local shelters and childrens groups and recycle the toys that are broken, missing pieces, or are no longer being used. This will help free up some space for the gifts they’ll be receiving this holiday season from friends and family.

Have you finished organizing and cleaning but realize you have a bunch of junk to get rid of? Call Elite Junk Removal today at (978) 317-5388 and we’ll make sure your junk is disposed of properly!

Why You Need Junk Removal Services for Your Commercial Property

Commercial Office SpaceThere are typically a large quantities of unwanted items left behind by office and retail tenants. It might no seem like it would be the realtor’s job to clean these items up, but in order to have the property cleaned up for showings and leasing opportunities, the junk has to go. Since commercial properties are often very large compared to residential properties, cleanup and removal can be a time-consuming task and realtors might not have access to the correct tools for disposal. Hiring a junk removal service to help cleanup and remove any unwanted items from your commercial property is going to save you time, money, and energy.

Elite Junk Removal & Demolition will make your life easier by:

Doing a proper job

Our team is experienced and well-trained to haul away large, bulky items such as couches, kitchen appliances, desks, and electronics, hazardous materials, and your common office items – cardboard boxes, paper, and office supplies. With the experience we have, the risk of injuries from moving heavy and sharp items is drastically reduced.

Saving you time and money

Commercial junk removal is a bigger time commitment than residential junk removal. By hiring Elite Junk Removal & Demolition, the job will be finished faster than if you tackled it yourself, which means you’ll have more time to focus on the important things, like filling the office space, closing deals, and making money. Once you add up the cost of labor, dumping and recycling fees, and truck rental fees, you’ll be saving more money before evening hiring us.

When left with large quantities of unwanted items, we’ll take all of the necessary steps to remove the junk from your property and get your space prepared for the next tenants. All items will be disposed of properly, recycled, and re-purposed when possible.

For all of your commercial junk removal needs, call us today at (978) 317-5388.

4 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Waste Collection Provider

Trash TruckDo you live in an area that does provide trash removal services? Are you a business owner having trouble finding a trash removal provider? Having waste is a normal part of life and it shouldn’t be something to worry about. Here at Elite Junk Removal, we provide reliable trash removal services and we believe that finding a waste collection provider should be easy. We’ve compiled the questions you should be asking when shopping around for trash removal services.

How often is trash removed?

Many trash removal services collect waste once a week, some come less frequent and some come more frequently. By gauging home much trash you will have each week, you will be able to figure out how often you need your trash removal company to come. Be sure to hire a company that can keep up with the amount of waste you have so you can avoid trash falling out of the dumpster.

Where does the trash collection truck drop the trash off after it is collected?

Towns and cities have procedures set in place so that trash and waste is disposed of properly. Typically a local dump, a reputable company should be able to inform you where they dispose of any and all waste they collect.

Does the company provide recycling services?

Many waste removal companies also provide recycling services to reduce the amount of trash that goes into landfills and to help our environment. Ask your potential trash collector if they offer recycling services, if they are an extra cost and how much they are, as well as what types of items they recycle.

What items are included in waste pick up?

All waste removal companies have a set list of items they will pick up, as well as items they won’t pick up. These can differ depending on the company and any local ordinances, as well as the dump they drop the waste off at. One of the first questions to ask is what items are included in the waste removal services to be sure that the items you might be throwing away over time will be collected or not.

Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition provides both trash removal services and recycling services to residential homeowners and business owners. Contact us at (978) 317-5388 today to schedule your services!

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is in full swing, and there’s no matter time than now to deep clean your home. Whether you are someone that regularly cleans their home and recycle/donates items that are no longer being put to good use, or someone that cleans once a year, this is the perfect time to go through all your stuff and de-clutter your life!


  • Dust all of the forgotten spaces, including lamp shades, drapes, and the bottoms of chairs.
  • Revive your mattress with your upholstery tools on your vacuum! Use upholstery cleaner or a mild soap to spot clean any stains.
  • Clean any miscellaneous food items that have gotten stuck around the filter of your dishwasher and run a full cycle with some machine cleaner.
  • Deep clean your microwave – place one cup of water in a microwave safe bowl and turn on high for 3-5 minutes (or until the water boils). The steam from the boiling water will soften any food splatters inside of your microwave! Just take a paper towel or sponge and wipe clean.
  • Go through your closet and donate any items that no longer fit you or ad any items that you haven’t worn in over 6 months. If you were shopping today, would you buy it?
  • Declutter your basement, attic, and garage – make three piles: keep, donate, recycle. Consider when the last time you used the item, what type of sentimental value it holds (if any), and whether you’ll be using it over the next 6 months.

If you realize you have more junk on your hands than you bargained for or decide to do some home renovation while you’re at it, contact us today for your junk removal needs! Here at Elite Service, we actively recycle, donate, and reuse the junk we remove from homes!

The Shed Demolition Process by Elite Services Junk Removal

As a general contractor based out of the Boston North Shore area, we often get requests for free quotes to demolish old sheds that have fallen into disrepair. Sometimes these sheds are not well maintained by a previous homeowner and want to be removed by the new owner, or sometimes just the elements have an effect over the passage of a long period of time. Regardless of the reason, Elite Services Junk Removal is careful to follow strict safety protocol and procedure when we demolish and remove sheds for customers. Here is a brief overview of the procedure with which we handle a typical shed demolition.

First, we will examine the condition of any items within the shed, if the customer indicates that the items within the shed are also to be removed. Any items that can be salvaged we will remove and recycle, and we will use our standard junk removal procedures to dispose of any leftover items within the shed that the customer has let us know to remove.

Next, we will check for any electrical or plumbing connections and make sure that all breakers are thrown and all valves are closed, to ensure full safety during the demolition process.

We will then remove the roofing and the roof decking, pulling nails for wood sheds and unscrewing screws for metal sheds, and then collecting all the material for recycling and disposal. Once the roof is completely removed, the trim, siding, windows, and doors are typically next to go. Then, in preparation for the full structural demolition, the electrical fixtures and water pipes need to be removed and disassembled if the shed has electrical and plumbing connections. All material removed will be neatly collected for disposal by an Elite Services Junk Removal truck.

Next comes the structural demolition of the house. If the shed is above a certain size, we may consider bracing some of the walls to make sure that the demolition process happens in a controlled wall-by-wall manner, but most sheds are of a size that the walls can be safely demolished and the roof joists removed without needing to be braced first. The walls will then be disassembled and prepared for recycling or removal.

Finally, all that remains of the shed and its contents will be the floor. Any floor covering will be removed and we will then pry up the subfloor and remove the floor joists and foundation posts. Once all the material is collected, our customers typically are very happy with the additional space and opportunity to replant grass, expand a garden, or sometimes just build a newer, more modern shed.

If you are in need of junk removal, controlled demolition, or any of our other general contracting services, contact Elite Services Junk Removal at (978) 317-5388 today!

Get The Facts About Compulsive Hoarding Behavior

Over the course of a lifetime, it is natural to collect a variety of trinkets, keepsakes, and odds and ends that start to fill up your home. Many items we keep contain memories, sentimental value, or and can even become collector’s items with historical value. However, collecting too many things to the point of absolute clutter in a space may be a sign of compulsive hoarding behavior. Here are the facts that you should be aware if you suspect that you or someone in your life suffers from compulsive hoarding behavior.

Compulsive hoarding must include each of the three following conditions:

  • An individual retains many items, including items that appear to be useless or of little value to most people
  • The items kept create significant clutter in living spaces to the point where the individual cannot use their living spaces in a reasonable way
  • The items kept cause distress or issues in day-to-day activities

It is important to note that hoarding is different from collecting because in hoarding, individuals typically do not display their items proudly in an organized fashion, but instead collects the items in a disorderly way that creates significant clutter in living spaces.

Symptoms of compulsive hoarding behavior include:

  • Signficant difficulty in disposing of items
  • A pronounced amount of clutter in the office, home, car, or other spaces that impedes the ability to use furniture, appliances, or regular walkways
  • Losing important items in the clutter
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the volume of items that have “taken over” living spaces
  • Difficulty resisting acceptance of “free” items, even if the items are clearly useless or excessive
  • Buying unneeded items because they are a good deal or to stock up
  • Avoiding friends and family due to embarrassment about living space

Here are recommended guidelines that can help someone with compulsive hoarding behavior:

  • Have respect for the individual’s right to make their own decisions about their items at their own pace.
  • Try to sympathize with the individual and understand the importance of his or her items to him or herself as you develop a plan together to reduce the clutter.
  • Encourage the individual to come up with ideas to make their home into a safer and more ideal living environment.
  • Team up with the individual to offer collaborative solutions to motivate the individual to discard or organize.
  • Help the individual recognize that hoarding interferes with their goals or values in life.
  • Maintain trust by always asking before eliminating an item.

For helping recovering hoarders who are ready to de-clutter to improve their living situation, contact Elite Services Junk Removal for a free estimate today.

Tips to Clean Out and Organize Your Garage

With winter fast approaching, now might be the perfect time to try and declutter the garage, and get rid of anything you don’t use. To get as much done as possible, be sure to clean out and throw away items before you start your organization. To ensure a cleaner garage, be sure to follow the steps below.

  • Ask yourself when was the last time you used it? If the answer is more than a year ago, throw it out.
  • For any items that you believe you can get some value for, consider a garage sale or posting your items online to sell. It doesn’t hurt to see who might be interested in what you no longer have any use for, and any extra cash flow is always beneficial.
  • Make three piles of donation, trash, and what you are keeping.
  • Be sure to have a structured system including shelving, if it doesn’t already exist. This is a real space saver as you can put things on the wall instead of overstuffing your drawers.
  • Having bins where more items can be stored will help declutter and to become more organized. Introduce a color-coded system to make certain items easier to find, such as: tools, Christmas ornaments, etc. Make sure to clearly label the container.
  • Review your items to make sure you are not getting rid of anything you may need, and vice versa.
  • Once you have established all your categories, and you know what you no longer need, contact us to finalize your clean up!

We offer a variety of services such as furniture removal,  yard clean-up, and appliance removal, and would love to help make your life hoard-free.

For more information about how Elite Services can help you out, feel free to fill out our online contact form or give us a call at 978-317-5388.