Dangers of Demolition

Demolition can be a strenuous experience. Commercial or residential, there comes a time when you need to decide how you are going to remove an unneeded structure or appliance. Demolition projects range from the removal of sheds, pools and garages to cottages, restaurants and more. Taking on such projects are extremely dangerous and should only be handled by someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

If you want to get rid of it, we can most likely help you out. From start to finish, we will come in, demolish what you like and remove everything.

When tackling a demolition project by yourself there are many hazards and dangers you must take into consideration. If not done correctly, any project can cause serious injury to individuals. Falling walls, planks, nails, live wires, and more are just a small list of the dangers that follow when tackling a project. The untrained eye can miss many of the dangers which lure in the demolition process. Some specific instances are the possibilities of hazardous materials, load bearing walls can be overlooked, dust can make its way into your house if it’s not prepped properly, and the biggest hazard of all are the respiratory problems which can occur if you are not wearing the correct gear.

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