Located in Middlesex County, Somerville is located just two miles north of Boston. Being so close to Boston has allowed Somerville to blossom into a richly diverse population of just over 81,000 residents. The city of Somerville is rich with history and culture that began all the way back in 1630. Today, it is a melting pot of families, young professionals, and people from all over the world. There are businesses, shopping centers, and attractions around every turn for the residents and visitors to enjoy.

The last thing that the residents of this beautiful city need to worry about is their junk that needs to be removed. That is why Elite Services is proud to provide all of our junk removal and demolition services to Somerville.

Junk Removal Services in Somerville, MA

We have proudly been providing Somerville residents and businesses with our junk removal services for years. Cleaning out your home or business is a huge chore and can become overhwleming very easily; especially when you see the pile of junk left over when all is said and done. That is where Elite Services comes to the rescue! We are happy to remove your junk whether it be a same-day pick-up or scheduled in advance. Our goal is to always make the junk removal process quick and efficient. Our junk removal services include but are not limited to:

Demolition Services in Somerville, MA

Because we are licensed contractors,  Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition are able attain the necessary permits, complete the demo on-site, and remove it all to complete both residential and commercial demolition projects. We have the trailers, dumpsters, and expert professionals necessary to complete any size job. From securing permits to removing the last bit of dust, the Elite Services team will be with you every step of the deomilion project. Our demolition services include but are not limited to:

Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition

Elite Services Junk Reoval & Demolition is happy to provide all of our junk removal and demolition services to the businesses and residents of Somerville, MA. Our number one priority is customer services, which is why it is important for our process to be as simple, quick, and efficient as possible. For more information about our junk removal and demolition services, give us a call today at (978) 317-5388 or fill out our online contact form.