Elite Services is a premier Junk Removal & Demolition Company that provides its services to the residential & commercial industries. As a contractor in the North Shore of Massachusetts we pretty much help customers with any removal and demo job that they need. Wakefield is located in the North Shore and has an estimated population of around 25 thousand residents. It is a popular city for many people due to its close proximity to the city and its suburban feel.

Elite services works with a range of customers and homes in Wakefield, MA.  Neighborhoods range from being tight nit and close together to larger spread out homes with big backyards.

Elite Services Junk Removal Services helps people with unwanted and left behind “Junk”. Our more popular removal services includes:

We suggest hiring a junk removal company to eliminate injury and time. We also offer good prices and we recycle and donate everything that we can. You can know that other people and families will be benefiting from your removals.

In Wakefield, Elite Services also offers its Demolition Services. We demolish almost everything, both Residential & Commercial. We offer demolition for sheds, pools, garages, barns, sun room & porches & Cottages & homes. Demo projects are what stand between you and a new home/yard. Get the ball rolling and reach out to Elite Services for more information.

Give us a call at (978) 317-5388 to inquire about your removal or Demolition project in Wakefield, MA.