We offer a variety of removal services & demolition services to make your home or business just the way you like it, clean! Anything you have but don’t want or need anymore we can haul away for you. No junk removal project is too big for us to tackle. We have dumpsters up to 40 yards to take away even the largest piles of junk. 

Why Choose Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition? 

Owned and operated by Stephen Gordon, Elite Services is a local, eco-friendly junk removal company. Whether you’re looking for same-day services, cleanouts, or rental maintenance, we have the experience to complete the project quickly and thoroughly. 

Residential Junk Removal

Does the idea of cleaning out your garage or attic seem daunting? If anything in your home has accumulated over the years and you are ready to have it all removed, from mattress removal to yard clean-up, let our team help! We have been providing expert, quick, and easy junk removal services for over years. Home renovations, spring cleaning, and furniture upgrades are truly made easy when you work with Elite Services to move your junk efficiently and in just one day!

Commercial Junk Removal

There is always junk to remove from commercial business buildings. Most of the time, businesses will upgrade their furniture and electronics every few years. When your business is getting ready to upgrade, let us worry about removing the old stuff. We are experienced in working with commercial businesses of all industries including restaurants, contractors, real estate companies, and more to provide expert junk removal services for a variety of different reasons and projects.

The junk removal services we provide include but are not limited to:


We take pride in ensuring that your junk is disposed of properly. We salvage anything that we find redeemable to be recycled and dispose of the rest through its proper channels. It is not easy for a regular homeowner to be able to dispose of certain items; you may have to wait for your town to provide special garage services. From electronics to concrete, it is all thrown away quickly and responsibly when you work with Elite Services.

Contact us at (978) 317-5388 to get more information on how we can provide you with the best junk removal service for whatever you may need to be removed.