Melrose is a North Shore town, located only 10 miles north of Boston. It remains a very popular part of the North Shore between its bustling community, close proximity to the city, and more. With a thriving residential population, a giant need to remove clutter and unnecessary junk will always need to be addressed. The same applies to commercial space. After all, the small business scene in the town plays an enormous role in the community of Melrose. Elite Services provides its Junk Removal & Demolition services to the entire town of Melrose, MA. We work with both the residential & commercial community to keep all spaces of all sizes in tip-top shape.

Residential and Commercial Junk Removal Services in Melrose, MA

Melrose has a total population of 27,000 which means that tons of families have extra unneeded things laying around their house that they need to get rid of. People often don’t know where to start or what to do when they have junk laying around. We make the process easy. Our experienced team will be sure to address any situation involving unnecessary clutter and junk that needs to be cleared out of your living space. After all, organization and quick and efficient cleaning is our forte.

From small to large projects we do it all. Our team of contractors has experience with everything. Our junk removal services include:


Residential and Commerical Demolition Services in Melrose, MA

Elite Services thrives on helping local businesses across the greater Boston area. With our demolition services, we’ll be sure to clear out the unnecessary junk and residue that keeps your business from growing and expanding. We also specialize in Residential & Commercial Demolition throughout Melrose as well. Our projects vary in size from smaller buildings to bigger buildings that can host a multitude of people/businesses. Nothing is too big or small for us Some examples include sheds, pools, barns, cottages & more. We have the equipment and personal on hand to tackle any job. After the completion of every job, we also recycle and donate everything we can, as we are very environmentally minded.

Contact Elite Services Junk Removal and Demolition

We’ll be happy to provide a service that will leave your home or commercial space a much cleaner area to reside/thrive within. Every bit of unnecessary clutter becomes an easy job for us when you sign us up for the task. To talk further about your current situation please give us a call at (978) 317-5388