Junk Removal & Demolition company, Elite Services is happy to announce that we provide our full range of services to the community and area of Revere, MA. Revere is a city located only 5 miles out of Boston, with an estimated population of 52,000 people. Properties all across Revere have interior and exterior items and junk that families are uncertain with how to handle. Whether it be an old unused bench, bike in your backyard, or a refrigerator a couch sitting in the garage, a simple call and your items will be gone in a flash.

While working up and down the North Shore and throughout Revere, we have the experts on hand and the equipment needed to tackle all junk removal jobs.

Demolition Services in Revere, MA

Elite Services also specializes and provides Revere with demolition services. Demolition includes small residential jobs to much larger commercial work.  While working in Revere we have had the experience of many structures that had to come down. Families wait too long and keep up structures (barns, garages, & sheds) while they are not in use. A sturdy structure is also at risk of collapse with the possibility of damaging your property or yourself. Any demolition work also opens up so much space to utilize for functional and productive activities.

Recycling Services in Revere, MA

As an environmentally conscious company, Elite Services provides a service on a weekly basis that includes taking recyclable materials from regular clients in order to positively contribute to both their quality of life as well to positively contribute to the environment. Our tight-knit team will be sure to effectively rid your property of any unnecessary recyclable junk from 

Additionally, if you have any unwanted items such as older toys, we’ll gladly take them, repurpose them, and donate them to a charitable cause in need. There’s nothing better than being able to take something that hasn’t been used into something that brings joy to someone else. 

Contact Elite Services 

If you live in Revere, please give us a call and we can discuss your Junk Removal or Demolition situation. We can be reached at 978-317-5388 or through our contact form.