Elite Services is happy to offer its junk removal and demolition services to the city of Salem, Massachusetts. With a population of over 40,000 residents, Elite Services is happy serve everyone. Salem has a lot of popular tourist destination that bring in people from all across the area. There are many historical homes and a lot witch-related tourism that has become very popular. The Salem Witch Trials of 1962 has been a huge boost to the cities economy. One of the most popular tourist houses is The Witch House. This is the only house in salem with direct ties to the rials.

Salem is also home to Salem State University. Salem State University is actually the largest of the nine state universities, not including the University of Massachusetts schools.

Salem is located approximately 4 miles north of Swampscott, offering our clients and customers efficient and reliable services. Our wide range of services are all connected to one main goal; keeping your home or business clean and up to date. Our junk removal services includes:

Chances are if you need something removed, we will come and take it away.

We also offer Salem, MA with demolition services. Many demolition we perform is just very large unwanted junk. We work with countless sheds, pools, garages, barns, cottages, and restaurants. We have many clients both residential and commercial. Being experienced, Elite Services knows how to do every job. No job is foreign to us, we will be able to complete your job in the most efficient and professional way possible.