Junk Removal For Real Estate Agents

Residential junk removal isn’t just for homeowners! During times when a property is foreclosed, a real estate agent gets left with a house filled with junk. It is their home to sell now, and their responsibility to get it looking in tip-top shape.

Before the house is ready to hit the market and be looked at by potential buyers, it must be cleaned up first. The reason this happens is because their is no incentive for a former owner to leave the house in good condition. They have been kicked out and aren’t making any profit by having it look nice.

With this problem not being in the hands of the real estate agent, they want and need all the junk to be removed as efficiently and quickly as possible. This often includes removing old furniture, appliances and other unwanted items. Because of the short notice usually provided, this is the perfect job for a junk removal specialist.

Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition is able to quickly remove any and all things within your home. On top of the normal junk removal work, our team is able to provide demolition services as well. Whether it be interior or exterior work in order to get the house in tip, top shape, we are here for you.

For more information about how we can help your real estate process, please feel free to give us a call at 978-317-5388 or fill out our online contact form.


Fall, site yard clean up and junk removal

After an exciting and activity packed summer and early fall, families are slowly starting to move their time indoors. With the temperatures dropping, kids are less apt to hang around outside. For many families, it seems that a range of toys, appliances or structures from the summer find themselves broken down or unused outside.

Elite Services suggests that this is a great time of the year before it starts snowing, to clean up your yard and remove any pointless junk. No matter what it is, elite services is happy to provide residents with the junk removal services that they need. With children playing in the snow, it can be dangerous to have old things lying around a yard.

For more information about our fall outdoor cleanups, please feel free to give us a call at 978-317-5388 or fill out our online contact form.

Couch & Sofa Removal

Almost every family in the country has come to that point where they finally realize there old couch just isn’t cutting it. Many people just suddenly realize maybe when visiting a family or friend that new couches are actually clean, extremely comfortable and look great. Unfortunately, you can’t just leave you big, honking old sofa on the side of the street for the town to take away for you.

Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition out of Swampscott has removed many couches over the years from homes. You can just give us a call and we will come in and take it away from you. There is no need to stress about your couch situation. Elite Service is located in Swampscott but does a share of work from Salem to Newburyport. Our furniture removal also doesn’t stop at couches, we can help with anything you need help getting rid of. For more information about our Junk Removal services, give us a call at 978-317-5388.

Updating or Expanding your yard with Demolition

The outdoors is truly an amazing place for family and friends to enjoy time together. No matter what size yard you have, spending time outside if fun for everyone. Fresh air and open space also provides everything a young child needs. As time goes on, many people look for new ways to either expand or update their yard.

The first place we suggest that you look for an expansion is any accessory structure in your yard. Here at Elite Services Junk Removal and Demolition we specialize in outdoor demolition including sheds, pergolas, gazebos, decks, cabanas and much more. If your structure is either in the way or outdated and you want to remove it we are here for you.

The first step to designing and creating the dream back yard often begins with getting rid these old structures. No matter what the project is that you need help with, we have most likely done it. Elite Services is located in Swampscott, MA but travels across the area to help residential and commercial communities. Some of the towns we have worked in include Hamilton, Ipswich, Marblehead, Newburyport, Peabody, Salem, Swampscott, MA.

For more information about Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition and our services, fill out our contact form on any page or give us a call at 978-317-5388.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Junk Removal Service

You know that feeling when you can barely move around a room because it is so full of junk? It happens to most of us a lot, which means that is time for a big cleaning. There are a few ways you can go about removing the junk that is taking up space in your home. The first way is to do it yourself, which is a method that works best with smaller messes and less junk. The other way is to hire a professional to come in and help haul away all of that junk for you. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional junk removal company to remove any extra furniture, appliances, etc. in your home:

  • Saves Time– A professional junk removal company cleaning out your home saves the time it would take you to do that task, so that you may use that time to focus on other tasks. Not only that, but with a bigger crew than just one person, the junk removal will be done faster than if someone did it by themselves.
  • More Space for Junk– Professional junk removal companies have large trucks that can hold significantly more junk than a lot of cars. This is especially helpful if the person who needs junk removal does not have a truck of their own. Big spring cleanings usually have a lot more leftover appliances and furniture than a normal cleaning, so bigger clean-up projects need a bigger truck.
  • Recycling your Junk– Professional Junk removal companies, like Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition, practice recycling and donation of the salvageable items that you want removed. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure, a lot of the appliances; furniture & electronics that people want removed are in good condition. Elite Services takes it upon themselves to recycle and donate those items to those who can use them.

Hiring a professional junk removal company is a great choice when cleaning out your home because it saves you time by allowing you to allocate your personal time and by having more professionals haul away more junk, which helps the job get finished quicker. Professional junk removal companies like Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition recycle and donate the goods that you want to throw away.  For any questions about professional junk removal or any inquiries about our junk removal or demolition services please contact us.

How to Effectively Clean a Room

Cleaning a room in your home can be an extremely daunting task. This is especially true if the room or area you are trying to clean is filled with a lot of clutter and junk. Cleaning your room and removing the junk from your home is very important for space reasons as well as health reasons. Once a room in your house is clean and the junk has been removed you will be able to move around easier and you won’t lose as many items because your room will be clean. You will also get rid of a lot of health risks because there won’t be any junk or trash just sitting in an area that you live in every day. Here are some steps to get your room clean and your junk removed:

  1. Choose an area in the room to completely clean and throw everything from that area on the floor.
  2. Sort the items on the floor in order of value from total junk to items that might be useful sometime soon (If you haven’t used or thought about it in the last couple years, its junk).
  3. Put all of the junk in a large plastic bag for donation or to throw away.
  4. Sort through all of the items you decided to keep because you might use it someday.
  5. Decide which of those items you can add to the junk bags and which ones you can’t live without.
  6. Arrange you’re the items that you decided to keep in a neat and orderly fashion so that they may be found easily later.
  7. Move to another area in the room and repeat these steps.

Once the room you focused on is clean and organized, you can move from room to room until your entire house is cleaned and reorganized. You may ask yourself “What you are going to do with all of the junk in those bags?” The answer is simple, let us come and take all of the junk away for you. At Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition, we not only remove your junk but we repurpose it and reuse it if possible. We believe in recycling and donating goods that can still be used. As they say “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” Contact us with any of your junk removal or demolition questions at 978-317-5388.