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The Benefits of a Trash Removal Service

Those who live in a town where residential trash removal is provided know that the service can quickly become an essential to your daily life. If you live in a town where trash removal is not provided, you are forced to seek other alternatives. If you choose not to schedule a pick up service, you […]

Emotional & Physical Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

Cutting down on clutter is more than just a minimalism trend, and it is not limited to spring cleaning! Living in a clutter-free home has benefits that will lead you to an improved daily lifestyle. Cleanliness Clutter accumulates dust, dirt, and other particles that are detrimental to the humans and pets living in your home. […]

Tips for Maintaining a Clean Home

Now that you’ve completed your spring cleaning, it’s easier to keep your house clean and organized on a day-to-day basis. Even on the busiest of days, these tips will help you keep your home clean and clutter-free. Make the bed. The easiest task, making the bed is an easy way to immediately make a room look […]

Carpet Removal Tips

After years of heavy traffic, carpet can get very worn down and will eventually need to be replaced. To save a little bit of money, a lot of homeowners opt to remove the old carpet themselves, which is a great DIY project but a lot of people do not know how to remove carpet properly. […]

What is Hoarding?

As a junk removal company, we come across alot of people with a wind range of rubbish that they want taken away. One type of person that we see is someone with hoarding disorder. A person that hoards junk, has an extremely difficult time removing or discarding their possessions because of the perceived need to […]

Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Spring is here and Elite Services wants to help everyone get into the season by doing their necessary cleaning. One of the more popular places in a home that get junk thrown into, is the garage. While people do their normal cleanings, they often overlook the garage and don’t pay any attention. Believe it or […]

Tips On Staying Junk Free

There is nothing worse then waking up one day to realize that your entire home is filled with junk, rubbish and clutter. With being busy and having your schedules taking up so much time, the best way to remove all your junk is by never letting it get so bad. If you are able to […]

Storage Ideas For Your Dorm Room

Almost nothing beats going back to school! For all those college students in and around the Boston area, your dorm room will be the home to lasting memories. The only problem is that for so many young kids is that dorm rooms aren’t always the biggest. With the limited space that you have and all […]