The 4 Top Reasons to Recycle

recyclingDid you know that only about 64% of paper and cardboard ends up getting recycled? Unfortunately, the U.S. is often behind when it comes to both understanding what can be recycled, and then actually taking the steps to recycle these items.

Recycling is important, for more reasons than you might think. Here’s why.

Reduces Waste

Did you know that the average American throws out about eight pounds of trash every day? Recycling common household items can help us re-use our resources rather than continue to overload existing landfills. And if Americans fully recycled all the paper they used each year, 782 million more trees would be saved.

Better for the Environment

The Ocean Conservancy estimates that there’s about 150 million tons of plastic in our oceans right now, with another 8 tons on the way each and every year. It can take decades for plastic to fully break down, and in the meantime, it frequently serves as a choking or environmental hazard. Scientists have noted that plastic often gets broken down into particles that are ingested by fish—that often end up on our plate. Recycling plastic can help cut down on oceanic pollution.

Saves Energy

Did you know that manufacturing with recycled aluminum requires 95% less energy? Consider the process of retrieving aluminum. First, it has to be mined from the earth—an expensive procedure. Then it has to be treated with chemical processes, etc., to separate the ore from everything else. Only then does it reach the point of being ready for manufacturing. A recycled item, though, is already ready for manufacturing. A single ton of recycled aluminum saves the same amount of energy that the average American home would use in 10 years.

Slow Down Climate Change

As the materials in landfills begin to break down, they release gases into the air. These gases then enter the atmosphere and contribute to climate change. Properly recycling solid waste can help prevent the acceleration of the greenhouse effect that is warming up our planet at an unsustainable rate. As an example: a single office recycling all its paper for a year reduces its carbon footprint by the equivalent of 370 cars.

What steps do you plan to take to recycle better in your local community? Contact our team at Elite Junk Removal & Demolition Services today at 978-317-5388.

How to Dispose of Your Refrigerator

refrigerator repairJust like everything else in your home, your refrigerator has a lifespan. As an appliance that is frequently used and always running, they get old and run down over the years. Purchasing a new fridge and bringing it home is the easy (and most expensive) part, but getting rid of the old one can be a challenge. Here are a few ways to get rid of your refrigerator easily.

1. Sell Your Refrigerator

If your fridge is still in working condition but you decided to upgrade to a new model, sell the old one! This way, you’ll be able to get a little extra money that can be put toward your new appliance or carting it off, the new buyer can be responsible for that. If you’re having a hard time finding someone to purchase your fridge, put an ad out in the local classifieds and post it to Craigslist and Facebook.

2. Donate Your Refrigerator

If your fridge is still usable but don’t want to deal with selling it, try donating it to a local charity. If they’re not in the market for a fridge or know anyone that would be, seek out various non-profits, shelters, and missions in the area. Not sure where to get started? Put some feelers out with your neighbors, friends, and family to push you in the right direction.

3. Recycle Your Refrigerator

If your fridge isn’t working at all, recycle it! Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition will not only come to your house and remove it from the premises but will also ensure that it is recycled through the correct channels.

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The Benefits of Recycling Your Appliances

appliancesAlthough there are laws in place to ensure proper disposal of electronic waste, appliances, and other electronic devices still pile up in landfills all across the United States each year. All appliances and electronic devices are recyclable as long as they’re disposed of through the proper channels. Next time you replace your dishwasher, washing machine and/or dryer, or even your refrigerator,  consider recycling the appliance you are replacing before carting it off to the local landfill.

What are the benefits of recycling appliances?

1. Protects the ozone layer

Cooling appliances, such as air conditioners, rely on the cooling agent Freon to work properly. When these appliances are disposed of, the Freon isn’t properly disposed of and can potentially leak into the atmosphere and damage the ozone layer. When these appliances are recycled, Freon and other chemicals are disposed of properly removing the hazard of damaging the atmosphere.

2. Recovery of Scrap Metal

Most appliances and electronic devices are made of a substantial amount of steel, aluminum, and other metals that can be reused in the future. This eliminates the need to stress the environment to create new materials.

3. Saves Money

If you chose to dispose of old appliances at your local landfill, you will have to pay a disposal fee whereas if you were to recycle old appliances, you won’t have to pay a disposal fee and might even make a little money depending on the condition of the steel, aluminum, and metal of your appliance.

4. Prevent Common Environmental Problems

When appliances are disposed of in the correct way, the metals will decompose and penetrate the soil, leading to lead and iron contaminating groundwater.

To ensure your appliances are recycled properly, call Elite Junk Removal at 978-317-5388!

Our Junk Removal Process

Junk RemovalOur junk removal process is quick and easy to ensure we get the junk you need removed out of your residential or commercial property in a timely matter. Our company owner, Stephen Gordon, oversees every junk removal project that Elite Services Junk Removal and Demolition works on. From costruction material removal to removal of furniture and appliance from residential properties, we will walk you through our entire process. All of the junk we remove is disposed of through the proper channels, whether that is via the landfill, recycling center, or local donation center.


Before starting any junk removal project, our owner Stephen Gordon will provide you will an estimate whether that is over the phone or in person. This will give you a better idea of the cost before making any decisions.

Scheduling & Service

Once we provide you with an estimate, we will schedule a day and time for service. Once our team arrives, they will have you show them exactly what needs to be removed and we will provide you with an exact cost that typically lies within the quote provided by Stephen. We will remove the junk from where it is located at no extra cost – whether that curbside, in your attic, or basement!

Discounts & Payments

We accept all forms of payment for any services you require and can even accept them over the phone! We also understand that sometimes it’s hard to make end meets so we now offer senior and fixed income discounts as well as discounts for contractors. Please inquire with us about all available discounts!

Call Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition for your next junk removal project today at (978) 317-5388.

Top Reasons To Recycle In Your Home

Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition does its part by recycling after every job. We take everything that comes from either a removal and demo job and either donates or recycles everything. Throwing out everything would be terrible for the environment. As a homeowner you can also do your part by recycling as well.

Here are 6 reasons to recycle: 

1) Economy: There are many american companies that rely on recycling programs to make new products.

2) Jobs: The more that we recycle, the more jobs and people there will be. In the US, the recycling industry is a $236 billion industry and has more then 56,000 employees.

3) Environmentally friendly: One of the more beneficial and obvious reasons to recycle is because it’s good for the environment. Less energy is required, fewer resources are used it keeps waste being tossed in landfills.

4) Reduce Waste: Americans on average discard between 7-10 pounds of garbage every single day. Recycling will cut back on waste which gets tossed in landfills.

5) Water Pollution: Making products with recycled products generates far less water pollution then in comparison to new materials.

6) Wildlife Protection: Recycling materials means that there is less reason to damage forests, wetlands, rivers and other various wildlife places.

Working with Elite Services for your next junk removal or demolition project will additionally help with recycling.

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College Apartment Furniture Removal

Did you just graduate college?  Is your apartment lease almost up?  Are you moving back home and don’t know what to do with all of your unneeded furniture?  Let Elite Services take care of all your furniture removal needs.  Anything you don’t need anymore, Elite Services will haul away for you.

Between finals, graduation, and job searching, who has time to worry about getting rid of their furniture.  “Free” furniture off the side of the road always seems to find its way into college apartments, even if it doesn’t fit.  Junk can accumulate in your apartment over your college years, and your parents definitely don’t want it clogging up their home afterwards.

Trying to move furniture by yourself can be time consuming and dangerous.  The most common injuries from moving heavy furniture are back injuries and knee injuries.  These can be caused by improper lifting techniques, or lifting loads that are too heavy.

Your body isn’t the only thing you can damage while moving, you can also damage the inside of your apartment.  Moving large furniture can cause dents and scratches on floors and walls.  Apartments often charge extra for damages and take money out of the security deposit.  No one wants to pay extra for their apartment because of an accident while moving furniture out.

Elite Services professionals quickly and efficiently remove furniture and appliances, and they recycle and reuse most of it!  They create a stress-free process of furniture removal so you can focus your attention on more important things… like finals.

Elite Services specializes in hauling away:

  • Kitchen tables
  • Kitchen chairs
  • Refrigerators
  • Stoves
  • Cabinets
  • Couches
  • Bed frames
  • Mattress’/box springs
  • Dressers
  • Shelves
  • Desks
  • Televisions
  • Washers/dryers

For more information on Elite Services, call today (978) 317-5388.


Spring Cleaning & Junk Removal

Spring CleaningHappy Spring! Yesterday marked the official first day of spring. While most of the area got some snow, before we know it, it will be warm and sunny outside. With the mark of spring, and spending more time outside, this is a great time to get some spring cleaning done. All of the unwanted junk laying around your house and property can be removed to give off a fresh new feel going into the new season. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when doing your spring cleaning:

  • When going through and cleaning your refrigerator, be sure to clean the fridges condenser coils. This is very important as dust build up on the coils can lead to your refrigerator overheating and shutting down.
  • Lighting fixtures and ceiling fans can often be forgotten because they are out of reach. But just within a few minutes a cleaned lighting fixtures and fan can change the whole breeze and lighting within your home. All you need is a stepladder, all-purpose cleaner and polish cloth.
  • After removing all the unwanted junk throughout your home, you can now clean the carpets. Many of your carpets have accumulated a fair share of dirt, oils and germs so this is the perfect time to clean them. Also, be sure to clean your doormats considering they are the first line of defense for keeping dirt out of your home.

Elite Services is here to help if you need any help with Spring Cleaning Junk Removal. Big or small, we do it all. Whether it be junk inside or outside, getting your property ready for spring in summer is the best way to move on from winter!

For more information about Elite Services, please feel free to give us a call at 978-317-5388 or fill out our online contact form.

Demolition Safety Tips During the Winter

There are various factors that make demolition a bit more dangerous in the winter compared to other times of the year. Shorter days means less daylight and slippery leaves, ice and rain makes for hazardous and dangerous conditions. For commercial or local do it yourself contractor, this blog will cover tips to stay safe while working on construction during these freezing months.

Mats At Building Entrances: To minimize any slipping situations, place an absorbent mat or canopy at your building doorway. Much of the falls we see happy where rainwater congregates.

Use Salt: Laying down salt on slippery spots will also help out. When the temperature drops down below freezing be sure that these spots are covered with some salt.

Clear All Ice and Snow: If you are working on small home project or managing a major demolition job, try to stay on the ground level during frigid weather. If you need to move to higher levels, be sure all snow is removed from rungs on ladders to the bottoms of your boots.

Be Prepared for the Cold: When you go outside in the freezing cold, you need to be sure everyone is properly insulated and warm. Layers of wicking clothing is the best option. Getting cold too fast can be detrimental to any progress you hope to make on a demolition project.

Working on an industrial demolition project or a small garage project by yourself during the winter always increases the risks. Try being with someone at all times incase that something goes wrong. For more information or to higher Elite Services for residential or commercial demolition services, give us a call at 978-317-5388 or fill out an online contact form.

What is a Yard Clean Up?

Has your yard every gotten to the point where it is just out of hand? Do you have old, unused, run down things laying around that you just wish could be gone. If so, a yard-clean up service is right for you. Elite Services provides yard clean up services as an extension of their Junk Removal services and customers find it extremely helpful and useful. Summer weather is finally in full swing, so be sure that your yard is not lacking.

A yard removal can include just about anything including an old shed, brush, branches, leaves, old bikes, bricks, cinder blocks and much more. The first step to getting your website back on track is with removing every piece of junk that has accumulated outside throughout the years. Junk removal is an amazing service where you can quickly get a cleared area.

Summer is here! Enjoy your yard! Get a yard clean-up! For further information, please feel free to give us a call at 978-317-5388.

Kitchen Remodel & Furniture Removal

Winter is ending and warm weather if starting up. We have seen this warm temperature often be a catalyst to get home projects rolling. Depending on the level of expertise, men often want to take a revamp or renovation on by themselves. In the long run while this can save some money but it does in fact make the process drawn out. Elite Services has the ability to come in and remove all your old furniture and appliances in the kitchen. We vastly help your job by quickly expediting the removal and demolition process for you. We have worked with almost all kitchen furniture and focus in on:

  • Kitchen Tables
  • Stools
  • Kitchen Islands
  • Cabinets

What we do is come in, efficiently, quickly and safety remove all needed parts to help you replace the furniture. The removal of Islands, and cabinets need to be done correctly or more problems could be on your hands. Once removed along with your stools and tables, it isn’t an easy process to get them out of your house. Start your kitchen renovation today with the help of Elite Services!