Can I Save Money By Hiring a Professional Junk Remover?

By hiring a junk remover, you can save more than just money, you can also save a lot of time, and energy as well. The overload and burden of junk in your home can also just be a burden on your piece of mind.

Save Time

We understand that people are busy. Everyone has lives, friends, work and family that they have to try and balance. A junk removal professional will save you time and will allow you to enjoy your quality free time, the way you really want it. We work quick and efficiently. You have to remember this is our job so we have handled every appliance and piece of furniture hundreds of time. Our team swiftly removes all the wanted items so you will have the open space you dreamed of much faster. Time is money, and in this case, a junk remover certainly save you a boat load of time!

Regulations with Trash disposal

As I am sure you have realized you can’t just through everything away into your local dumpster. Nobody enjoy deliberating which item goes in which pile and whether you should take it to a recycling center, junkyard or dumpster company. We take everything away for you and divvy everything up yourself. Save yourself the burden of all this hard work, stress and time and think about hiring a Junk Remover!

What is Hoarding?

TRAVELER DIGITAL CAMERAAs a junk removal company, we come across alot of people with a wind range of rubbish that they want taken away. One type of person that we see is someone with hoarding disorder. A person that hoards junk, has an extremely difficult time removing or discarding their possessions because of the perceived need to keep them. Severe hoarding often creates cramped and unclean living situations that can affect anyone living inside.

Hoarding causes a variety of problems, including:

  • Increased chance of falling
  • Fire Hazard
  • Health risk based off unsanitary conditions
  • Difficulty to perform simple daily tasks within a home
  • Fallen or shifted items can lead to being trapped or injured

Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition can help with anyone suffering from hoarding disorder. We remove everything including.

For more information about Elite Services and how we can get your home back on track, feel free to reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at 978-317-5388 or through our online contact form.

An Alternative to Dumpster Rental

dumpsterHave you finally made the decision to start the home renovation project you’ve been putting off for months, if not years. Now comes the decision to do the demolition yourself or hire someone and whether or not a dumpster is worthwhile. Instead of being stressed and overwhelmed with your project, let Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition to help so you can focus on the fun parts – designing your new space.


When deciding between hiring a junk removal company, renting a dumpster, or utilizing a dumpster bag, it’s important to keep the cost and your budget in mind. Junk removal services will be more affordable versus a renting a dumpster. With a dumpster, you have to take into consideration the 7-day window between drop off and pick up. With the dumpster sitting on either your grass or driveway during this period, there is also the potential to cause damage which can be very expensive to repair.


Your time is valuable, don’t waste it trying to save a few dollars by doing demolition and junk removal yourself. By hiring our team, most projects will be completed within a day leaving you more time to focus on your own responsibilities.

What Can We Take?

There are several restrictions for what can and cannot be disposed of in a dumpster, including various hazardous waste items that can be a pain for you to dispose of. Some of these items include liquids, appliances, waste, drums, and light bulbs. With a junk removal team, we’ll be able to sort through all of these items and dispose of them through the proper channels.


Dumpsters bring along their own safety hazards, especially when there are children around, and can be a huge pain to deal with. Oftentimes, dumpsters are loaded with grease to ensure they can open and close with ease which can turn into fall hazard. In addition to fall hazards, dumpsters can be a breeding ground for bacteria, bugs, and even rodents depending on what you are disposing of.

By hiring Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition for your next project, you eliminate hazards and damage. Call us today at (978) 317-5388.

Garage Cleaning Tips

houseAs an area of your home that can be easily avoided, garages are known for being an area that stuff piles up quickly. Before you know it, you no longer have space to park your cars. Between trash barrels and children’s scooters to landscape tools and sports gear, items that aren’t being used on a daily basis pile up quickly. Out of sight, out of mind. Take your garage back this spring by following these tips or hiring Elite Junk Removal & Demolition to do a complete garage cleanout for you.


Don’t Treat Your Garage as a Dumping Ground

Garages are an area of a home that have a large amount of space and don’t need to be utilized every day. If you’ve noticed it’s harder to fit your car in the garage or find yourself parking in the driveway more frequently, it’s time to reevaluate the issue: too much stuff. With the warm weather right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to do a deep clean. Pull all of your stuff out of the garage, sweep it clean, and only put back the items you need and donate the rest!

Have a “Home” for Everything

When you don’t have a designated area to store your things, clutter is bound to stack up. After cleaning your space, utilize various storage solutions and give each of your belongings a designated space to “live” in order to eliminate the potential for another mess.

Don’t Keep Items You Might Use

We all have a few items in our garage that we haven’t used in years but refuse to part with. By keeping these items, space is being taken up that would be better utilized for items you use on a more frequent basis. If it’s not a seasonal item (i.e. snowblower, lawn mower, shovels, etc.), donate it!

If you need help cleaning out your garage or have items that you no longer want, give us a call today at 978-317-5388.

Why You Need Junk Removal Services for Your Commercial Property

Commercial Office SpaceThere are typically a large quantities of unwanted items left behind by office and retail tenants. It might no seem like it would be the realtor’s job to clean these items up, but in order to have the property cleaned up for showings and leasing opportunities, the junk has to go. Since commercial properties are often very large compared to residential properties, cleanup and removal can be a time-consuming task and realtors might not have access to the correct tools for disposal. Hiring a junk removal service to help cleanup and remove any unwanted items from your commercial property is going to save you time, money, and energy.

Elite Junk Removal & Demolition will make your life easier by:

Doing a proper job

Our team is experienced and well-trained to haul away large, bulky items such as couches, kitchen appliances, desks, and electronics, hazardous materials, and your common office items – cardboard boxes, paper, and office supplies. With the experience we have, the risk of injuries from moving heavy and sharp items is drastically reduced.

Saving you time and money

Commercial junk removal is a bigger time commitment than residential junk removal. By hiring Elite Junk Removal & Demolition, the job will be finished faster than if you tackled it yourself, which means you’ll have more time to focus on the important things, like filling the office space, closing deals, and making money. Once you add up the cost of labor, dumping and recycling fees, and truck rental fees, you’ll be saving more money before evening hiring us.

When left with large quantities of unwanted items, we’ll take all of the necessary steps to remove the junk from your property and get your space prepared for the next tenants. All items will be disposed of properly, recycled, and re-purposed when possible.

For all of your commercial junk removal needs, call us today at (978) 317-5388.

Get The Facts About Compulsive Hoarding Behavior

Over the course of a lifetime, it is natural to collect a variety of trinkets, keepsakes, and odds and ends that start to fill up your home. Many items we keep contain memories, sentimental value, or and can even become collector’s items with historical value. However, collecting too many things to the point of absolute clutter in a space may be a sign of compulsive hoarding behavior. Here are the facts that you should be aware if you suspect that you or someone in your life suffers from compulsive hoarding behavior.

Compulsive hoarding must include each of the three following conditions:

  • An individual retains many items, including items that appear to be useless or of little value to most people
  • The items kept create significant clutter in living spaces to the point where the individual cannot use their living spaces in a reasonable way
  • The items kept cause distress or issues in day-to-day activities

It is important to note that hoarding is different from collecting because in hoarding, individuals typically do not display their items proudly in an organized fashion, but instead collects the items in a disorderly way that creates significant clutter in living spaces.

Symptoms of compulsive hoarding behavior include:

  • Signficant difficulty in disposing of items
  • A pronounced amount of clutter in the office, home, car, or other spaces that impedes the ability to use furniture, appliances, or regular walkways
  • Losing important items in the clutter
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the volume of items that have “taken over” living spaces
  • Difficulty resisting acceptance of “free” items, even if the items are clearly useless or excessive
  • Buying unneeded items because they are a good deal or to stock up
  • Avoiding friends and family due to embarrassment about living space

Here are recommended guidelines that can help someone with compulsive hoarding behavior:

  • Have respect for the individual’s right to make their own decisions about their items at their own pace.
  • Try to sympathize with the individual and understand the importance of his or her items to him or herself as you develop a plan together to reduce the clutter.
  • Encourage the individual to come up with ideas to make their home into a safer and more ideal living environment.
  • Team up with the individual to offer collaborative solutions to motivate the individual to discard or organize.
  • Help the individual recognize that hoarding interferes with their goals or values in life.
  • Maintain trust by always asking before eliminating an item.

For helping recovering hoarders who are ready to de-clutter to improve their living situation, contact Elite Services Junk Removal for a free estimate today.

Tips to Clean Out and Organize Your Garage

With winter fast approaching, now might be the perfect time to try and declutter the garage, and get rid of anything you don’t use. To get as much done as possible, be sure to clean out and throw away items before you start your organization. To ensure a cleaner garage, be sure to follow the steps below.

  • Ask yourself when was the last time you used it? If the answer is more than a year ago, throw it out.
  • For any items that you believe you can get some value for, consider a garage sale or posting your items online to sell. It doesn’t hurt to see who might be interested in what you no longer have any use for, and any extra cash flow is always beneficial.
  • Make three piles of donation, trash, and what you are keeping.
  • Be sure to have a structured system including shelving, if it doesn’t already exist. This is a real space saver as you can put things on the wall instead of overstuffing your drawers.
  • Having bins where more items can be stored will help declutter and to become more organized. Introduce a color-coded system to make certain items easier to find, such as: tools, Christmas ornaments, etc. Make sure to clearly label the container.
  • Review your items to make sure you are not getting rid of anything you may need, and vice versa.
  • Once you have established all your categories, and you know what you no longer need, contact us to finalize your clean up!

We offer a variety of services such as furniture removal,  yard clean-up, and appliance removal, and would love to help make your life hoard-free.

For more information about how Elite Services can help you out, feel free to fill out our online contact form or give us a call at 978-317-5388.

Tips To Help De-clutter Your Bathroom

When it comes to decluttering or removing junk from your home, the chances are that your situation is much more different than other people. The severity of junk in someone’s home can range from a single couch to a house covered and filled with unused and cluttered junk.

Some people also seem to have problems within different rooms of a home. This got us thinking about some ways to you can declutter and clean up your bathroom. If you’re having trouble finding your toothbrush or even your shampoo then this is a major sign that something needs to change.

Follow these tips to help get rid of that junk and declutter your bathroom:

Remove Old Bottles: We don’t understand why but so many people for whatever reason leave empty bottles in the bathroom. Over time these can accumulate and out of nowhere you’ll have a ton covered in your bathroom. They take up space and can cause problems if they get knocked down when showering.

Old Towels & Rags: White towels and rags which have changed color should be removed. They reduce space and really hurt the overall look and feel of a bathroom.

Unnecessary Items: Look through your bathroom and look for things which you simply aren’t using. Items which you aren’t using from televisions, and radios to phones and other items take up space and can also be dangerous. If there is no need for something to be in your bathroom throw it out or find another home for it.

Junk Removal Specialist: A junk removal professional is the perfect choice when you’re looking to get rid of extra clutter within a bathroom. From simple things that are scattered throughout your bathroom to maybe a heavy chest that you want to remove, consult a junk removal specialist to see what they can do for you.

For more information about what Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition can do for you, please feel free to reach out over the phone at 978-317-5388 or fill out our online contact form.

Don’t Wait: Summer Junk Removal

As we enter august, it’s hard to believe but summer is actually winding down. In about 3-4 weeks kids will be back in school and summer will just be a distant memory in our rear view mirror. The warmer months and summer in particular is a great time to clean up your house and get rid of any extra unwanted junk. Although alot of people try for “spring cleaning”, spring comes and goes so quickly that before you know it, you’ve done nothing.

Before the busy school schedule and new year starts, this is the perfect time to take advantage of summer. Read our top 5 reasons to use this time for junk removal.

1) Warm Weather: Warm weather provides the perfect atmosphere to get our there and clean your house. Open up the windows and let all that dust float away.

2) More Time: For most people, the summer is slower. There is more time then during the rest of the year. It’s the perfect opportunity to set aside time.

3) Vacation: There may be nothing more frustrating then going on a long vacation and coming home to a dirty, clutter filled home. Vacations can honestly be tiring, and coming home to a clean house can make you feel so much better. Before that vacation trip, set aside time to dig through all your junk.

4) Kids Are Outside: Unless your kids are helping with your junk removal process, having them out of the house can make the whole process easier. With the warm weather, camps, and friends sleep overs, you’ll have more space and less distractions to remove that junk.

5) Junk Removal Specialists Are Ready: Junk Removal specialists are in high gear during the summer. This is there busy season, so taking advantage of this is important. Many junk removal projects take time and need help, so look into contacting a professional.

For more information about Junk Removal, please reach out the specialists at Elite Services. We can be contacted over the phone at 978-317-5388 or through our online contact form.

Junk Removal For Real Estate Agents

Residential junk removal isn’t just for homeowners! During times when a property is foreclosed, a real estate agent gets left with a house filled with junk. It is their home to sell now, and their responsibility to get it looking in tip-top shape.

Before the house is ready to hit the market and be looked at by potential buyers, it must be cleaned up first. The reason this happens is because their is no incentive for a former owner to leave the house in good condition. They have been kicked out and aren’t making any profit by having it look nice.

With this problem not being in the hands of the real estate agent, they want and need all the junk to be removed as efficiently and quickly as possible. This often includes removing old furniture, appliances and other unwanted items. Because of the short notice usually provided, this is the perfect job for a junk removal specialist.

Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition is able to quickly remove any and all things within your home. On top of the normal junk removal work, our team is able to provide demolition services as well. Whether it be interior or exterior work in order to get the house in tip, top shape, we are here for you.

For more information about how we can help your real estate process, please feel free to give us a call at 978-317-5388 or fill out our online contact form.