TV Disposal & Removal

Get rid of your old unused TV! Whether you have just upgraded to a brand new flat screen TV or your old Television has been sitting in your garage for months, we will take care of it. Almost every home has an old box TV that is collecting dust. They are large, they weigh alot, and can cause your body harm.  At Elite Service Junk Removal, we remove your appliances and recycle everything. 

TV disposal needs to be taken seriously because they contain a fair amount of dangerous chemicals. An improper disposal of your Television could be at risk to pollute the environment. You wont have to touch that big honking TV ever again because we will do all the heavy lifting. 

If you have an old TV that is taking up space, just pick up the phone and call Elite Services. We are located in Swampscott, MA help customers all across the North Shore. Fill out a contact form, or give us a call at 978-317-5388 for more information. 

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