5 Items That are Extremely Easy to Sell at Garage Sales

garage saleWith the end of summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to do any last-minute purging! And since you’re getting rid of the items you no longer want, you mine as well hold a garage sale and get a little extra money for them instead of just throwing them away. Are you worried no one will buy your things? Here are 5 items that are very easy to sell at garage sales.

1. Tools

When buying tools brand new, they can be extremely expensive! Tools that are in good condition or part of a set at a yard sale, they tend to sell very quickly since most people avoid buying them at full price. This holds true for power tools as well, but make sure to have an extension cord and an outlet close by so they can be tested by your customers.

2. Small Appliances

Remember the last time you watch an infomercial or were at the store and found out about an awesome new small appliance that you just knew would make your life so much easier? After several years and only using the life-changing small appliances a small handful of times, the time has come that it needs a new home.

These small appliances will make waves at your next garage sale! Just like how they capture your attention the first time you learned about it, it’ll capture your customers, making it an easy sale.

3. Toys & Sports Equipment

It’s no secret that children LOVE toys and will play with just about anything! Whether parents are looking for new toys to add to their collection (without breaking the bank, of course!), want to purchase more “vintage” toys, or their child is throwing a fit at a garage sale and they just want to make them happy, toys sell very well.

In addition to toys, sports equipment (especially youth sizes) tends to be a hot seller at garage sales since brand new equipment has high retail costs. Have your kids grown out of their hockey equipment? Have a yard sale with all of the items they no longer fit it!

4. Books

Books sell at amazing prices at yard sales, making them a hot spot to pick up a new read for any age. Have a full series or a book that’s a collectible? Book lovers are happy to pay the extra cost!

5. Clothing

Many people don’t think about selling clothing at a garage sale – they typically bring it to a consignment shop or donate it. If you no longer fit in or wear certain pieces and they’re still in great condition, selling them at your garage sale will avoid any fees being kept by the consignment shop! Shoes, accessories, and jewelry also tend to do very well at garage sales.

For all of the items you can’t sell at your next garage sale, give Elite Services Junk Removal and Demolition a call today at (978) 317-5388 to schedule your junk removal appointment!

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