Storage Ideas For Your Dorm Room

Almost nothing beats going back to school! For all those college students in and around the Boston area, your dorm room will be the home to lasting memories. The only problem is that for so many young kids is that dorm rooms aren’t always the biggest. With the limited space that you have and all sorts of junk being everywhere, we’ve put together some things you could do to improve storage.

Closet Space: Think vertically when maximizing space in your college closet. A rod doubler can almost instantly double the amount of hanging space that you have. Or, if you need more space for your folded clothes then try adding extra drawers.

Walls & Doors: Your walls and doors can actually be used for more then just a space to hang up posters. There are various grid and hook racks that can add storage for shoes, sweatshirts and much more.

Utilizing Your Desk: Almost every college dorm room has a desk but one that is limited with storage space. With all your school work, being organized is extremely important. Think about getting a notebook holder, or a file cart that can fit under your desk.

Laundry: For so many people, the reason that they have a dirty bedroom is because of unorganized and scattered dirty clothes. Make sure that you have a laundry basket which can fit all your dirty clothes and also one that is easily portable.

Junk Removal: If you have old, clunky furniture in your college dorm room that is taking up too much space, consider getting rid of it. Sometimes throwing stuff out is the best option to clean up and organize your room.

For more information on junk removal please feel free to contact the specialists at Elite Services. We can be contacted over the phone at 978-317-5388 or through our online contact form. 

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