Bedroom Furniture Removal

bedroom removalYou’ve lived in the same bedroom for over 20 years, with the same bed, mattress, night stand, dresser and shelves. It is time for an upgrade. The spring time is often a popular time of the year were people start getting ride of those winter blues. Winter tends to keep people inside & stuck on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate. With spring projects starting to pop up, bedrooms are an area where upgrades are often open. You sleep and spend so much of your life in your room, shouldn’t it be a special place?

After your new furniture has come in, your old stuff has to go. Elite Services specializes in the removal of all bedroom type furniture. We create a quick process for where we can come in and take anything you wish. No more heavy lifting and injured backs on your end. You can also know that after removal we recycle everything that we can.

If your upgrading your bedroom and need old furniture removal, call the specialists at Elite Services at 978-317-5388.