Kitchen Remodel & Furniture Removal

Winter is ending and warm weather if starting up. We have seen this warm temperature often be a catalyst to get home projects rolling. Depending on the level of expertise, men often want to take a revamp or renovation on by themselves. In the long run while this can save some money but it does in fact make the process drawn out. Elite Services has the ability to come in and remove all your old furniture and appliances in the kitchen. We vastly help your job by quickly expediting the removal and demolition process for you. We have worked with almost all kitchen furniture and focus in on:

  • Kitchen Tables
  • Stools
  • Kitchen Islands
  • Cabinets

What we do is come in, efficiently, quickly and safety remove all needed parts to help you replace the furniture. The removal of Islands, and cabinets need to be done correctly or more problems could be on your hands. Once removed along with your stools and tables, it isn’t an easy process to get them out of your house. Start your kitchen renovation today with the help of Elite Services!