Spring Time Cleaning

Its March 11th and we are getting the first taste of what warm weather feels like. With temperatures approaching 60 degrees, it is the time were many families are working on there homes and yards. Summer brings the motivation that people need.  Elite Services has been a popular company for residents over the years to get there house clean and to get there projects completed.

Do you forget what your grass looks like? If so you may also forget what was laying on that grass before all the snow came. Swing sets, old bikes and miscellanies items are often forgotten in the corner of a yard. The first step to sprucing up your yard this summer is getting rid of all the useless structures or items. If you take a look behind your house and you have an unappealing and old structure, its removal can vastly improve your property. This all falls under our yard clean-up. Downed trees, old bikes, swing sets and bricks often get left outside for too long.

If somethings laying around that you need help with give us a call at 978-317-5388. We have the experience and equipment to handle every size project. We are your first step a beautiful yard.