Demolition Safety Hazards

As a demolition company, we understand the various safety hazards that come along with demo work. From small to large demolition projects,  there is always something you need to be aware of. Here are safety tips to take into consideration next time you undertake a demolition project by yourself.

  • Instability of a Structure: Old sheds, barns and structures are not often very strong which can result in safety hazards for someone dismantling them.  Structures have a particular order and way of being taken down. Taken down the wrong way can result in fallen materials onto you.
  • Load Bearing Walls: When demolishing a wall, you need to be sure the wall isn’t load bearing. While an open floor plan is popular these days, you need to be sure your house doesn’t come down during a demo project.
  • Hazardous Material: Some homes and planned demo structures have dust, asbestos and respirable crystalline silica. These hazards need to be considered and actions need to be taken when the situation arrives.

Taking a demolition job on by yourself is extremely dangerous. We suggest hiring a professional company to expedite every job but when you take it on yourself be aware of all hazard. Feel free to give us a call at 978-317-5388 for any and all demolition services.