An Alternative to Dumpster Rental

dumpsterHave you finally made the decision to start the home renovation project you’ve been putting off for months, if not years. Now comes the decision to do the demolition yourself or hire someone and whether or not a dumpster is worthwhile. Instead of being stressed and overwhelmed with your project, let Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition to help so you can focus on the fun parts – designing your new space.


When deciding between hiring a junk removal company, renting a dumpster, or utilizing a dumpster bag, it’s important to keep the cost and your budget in mind. Junk removal services will be more affordable versus a renting a dumpster. With a dumpster, you have to take into consideration the 7-day window between drop off and pick up. With the dumpster sitting on either your grass or driveway during this period, there is also the potential to cause damage which can be very expensive to repair.


Your time is valuable, don’t waste it trying to save a few dollars by doing demolition and junk removal yourself. By hiring our team, most projects will be completed within a day leaving you more time to focus on your own responsibilities.

What Can We Take?

There are several restrictions for what can and cannot be disposed of in a dumpster, including various hazardous waste items that can be a pain for you to dispose of. Some of these items include liquids, appliances, waste, drums, and light bulbs. With a junk removal team, we’ll be able to sort through all of these items and dispose of them through the proper channels.


Dumpsters bring along their own safety hazards, especially when there are children around, and can be a huge pain to deal with. Oftentimes, dumpsters are loaded with grease to ensure they can open and close with ease which can turn into fall hazard. In addition to fall hazards, dumpsters can be a breeding ground for bacteria, bugs, and even rodents depending on what you are disposing of.

By hiring Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition for your next project, you eliminate hazards and damage. Call us today at (978) 317-5388.

The Shed Demolition Process by Elite Services Junk Removal

As a general contractor based out of the Boston North Shore area, we often get requests for free quotes to demolish old sheds that have fallen into disrepair. Sometimes these sheds are not well maintained by a previous homeowner and want to be removed by the new owner, or sometimes just the elements have an effect over the passage of a long period of time. Regardless of the reason, Elite Services Junk Removal is careful to follow strict safety protocol and procedure when we demolish and remove sheds for customers. Here is a brief overview of the procedure with which we handle a typical shed demolition.

First, we will examine the condition of any items within the shed, if the customer indicates that the items within the shed are also to be removed. Any items that can be salvaged we will remove and recycle, and we will use our standard junk removal procedures to dispose of any leftover items within the shed that the customer has let us know to remove.

Next, we will check for any electrical or plumbing connections and make sure that all breakers are thrown and all valves are closed, to ensure full safety during the demolition process.

We will then remove the roofing and the roof decking, pulling nails for wood sheds and unscrewing screws for metal sheds, and then collecting all the material for recycling and disposal. Once the roof is completely removed, the trim, siding, windows, and doors are typically next to go. Then, in preparation for the full structural demolition, the electrical fixtures and water pipes need to be removed and disassembled if the shed has electrical and plumbing connections. All material removed will be neatly collected for disposal by an Elite Services Junk Removal truck.

Next comes the structural demolition of the house. If the shed is above a certain size, we may consider bracing some of the walls to make sure that the demolition process happens in a controlled wall-by-wall manner, but most sheds are of a size that the walls can be safely demolished and the roof joists removed without needing to be braced first. The walls will then be disassembled and prepared for recycling or removal.

Finally, all that remains of the shed and its contents will be the floor. Any floor covering will be removed and we will then pry up the subfloor and remove the floor joists and foundation posts. Once all the material is collected, our customers typically are very happy with the additional space and opportunity to replant grass, expand a garden, or sometimes just build a newer, more modern shed.

If you are in need of junk removal, controlled demolition, or any of our other general contracting services, contact Elite Services Junk Removal at (978) 317-5388 today!

Hiring a Demolition Company vs. Doing it Yourself

Summer is a fantastic point in the years calendar where families work on their home. Demolition of many sorts is a task and project many people actually take on themselves in order to save a couple dollars. We are here to say that unless you are extremely experienced with demolition, then you should most likely consider hiring a professional to do it instead. Even if you have experience working in demo, hiring a pro has its noticeable perks.


  • Safety Factors:  Each structure and demo project from a small shed to a large outdoor garage has its different aspects and specifics. Elite Services is able to recognize how each piece works and we can take that into consideration. The risk of injury is too high, when taking structures down.
  • Time: Time is certainly money. When working on a demo project, you have to understand it will take much longer then a professional. This will simply alter and hold up your plans with the new and open space you now have. Elite Services is able to efficiently and quickly take down any structure including, sheds, pools, garages, barns, sun rooms & cottages.

You may also be surprised at how cost efficient an easy it is to hiring a demo professional. Elite Service is happy to talk about any situation you may have. For further information, please feel free to give us a call at 978-317-5388 or fill out a contact form.


Demolition Safety Hazards

As a demolition company, we understand the various safety hazards that come along with demo work. From small to large demolition projects,  there is always something you need to be aware of. Here are safety tips to take into consideration next time you undertake a demolition project by yourself.

  • Instability of a Structure: Old sheds, barns and structures are not often very strong which can result in safety hazards for someone dismantling them.  Structures have a particular order and way of being taken down. Taken down the wrong way can result in fallen materials onto you.
  • Load Bearing Walls: When demolishing a wall, you need to be sure the wall isn’t load bearing. While an open floor plan is popular these days, you need to be sure your house doesn’t come down during a demo project.
  • Hazardous Material: Some homes and planned demo structures have dust, asbestos and respirable crystalline silica. These hazards need to be considered and actions need to be taken when the situation arrives.

Taking a demolition job on by yourself is extremely dangerous. We suggest hiring a professional company to expedite every job but when you take it on yourself be aware of all hazard. Feel free to give us a call at 978-317-5388 for any and all demolition services.

Barn Demolition

Barn DemolitionSimilar to sheds, many homes across the state have unused barns that are taking up valuable space in backyards. If you don’t need your barn any longer or if you are looking to build a new one, removing it is the first step. An old and unsteady barn also causes safety issues for anyone that comes in the area of the barn.

The big difference between your average shed and barn is the size. When it comes to the removal and demolition of a barn, the entire process needs to be taken seriously. Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition has the equipment and experience available to take part in these projects. We also use all the materials we can to recycle & donate.

While Barns aren’t very often in Massachusetts more people have them then you would think. To inquire about our demolition services feel free to call us at 978-317-5388 or fill out a contact form.