What is a Yard Clean Up?

Has your yard every gotten to the point where it is just out of hand? Do you have old, unused, run down things laying around that you just wish could be gone. If so, a yard-clean up service is right for you. Elite Services provides yard clean up services as an extension of their Junk Removal services and customers find it extremely helpful and useful. Summer weather is finally in full swing, so be sure that your yard is not lacking.

A yard removal can include just about anything including an old shed, brush, branches, leaves, old bikes, bricks, cinder blocks and much more. The first step to getting your website back on track is with removing every piece of junk that has accumulated outside throughout the years. Junk removal is an amazing service where you can quickly get a cleared area.

Summer is here! Enjoy your yard! Get a yard clean-up! For further information, please feel free to give us a call at 978-317-5388.

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