Demolition Safety Tips During the Winter

There are various factors that make demolition a bit more dangerous in the winter compared to other times of the year. Shorter days means less daylight and slippery leaves, ice and rain makes for hazardous and dangerous conditions. For commercial or local do it yourself contractor, this blog will cover tips to stay safe while working on construction during these freezing months.

Mats At Building Entrances: To minimize any slipping situations, place an absorbent mat or canopy at your building doorway. Much of the falls we see happy where rainwater congregates.

Use Salt: Laying down salt on slippery spots will also help out. When the temperature drops down below freezing be sure that these spots are covered with some salt.

Clear All Ice and Snow: If you are working on small home project or managing a major demolition job, try to stay on the ground level during frigid weather. If you need to move to higher levels, be sure all snow is removed from rungs on ladders to the bottoms of your boots.

Be Prepared for the Cold: When you go outside in the freezing cold, you need to be sure everyone is properly insulated and warm. Layers of wicking clothing is the best option. Getting cold too fast can be detrimental to any progress you hope to make on a demolition project.

Working on an industrial demolition project or a small garage project by yourself during the winter always increases the risks. Try being with someone at all times incase that something goes wrong. For more information or to higher Elite Services for residential or commercial demolition services, give us a call at 978-317-5388 or fill out an online contact form.

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