What You Should “Not” Do With Your Junk

At one point or another, everyone starts to accumulate different amounts of junk, from furniture and accessories to large kitchen appliances. As people are about to through something away into the trash (if it’s a smaller item) a quick thought goes through your head thinking, “can this be recycled”. This is a very good thing that you are weighing your options.

If it can’t or shouldn’t just be tossed in trash re-purpose, donate, recycle or hire a professional to dispose of your junk properly. Please  don’t do the following things with your junk:

Throw it in the alley:

This may have been something you would do during your childhood, just dropping things wherever you wish because you haven’t lived a long enough life to understand the consequences. This can be a major inconvenience for everyone.

Burn it:

While it may be quite difficult to fight the urge of creating a bonfire with all your old junk, it isn’t safe for the environment. Many of your items release carbon and cornucopia and other harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

Bury it:
Burying junk in your back yard will have more negative consequences then you may think. While this may not directly effect you, it could be a major inconvenience for the next owners of your property. As well, if you bury some liquids, the soil could be leached.

For many decades, simply throwing away junk without any regard for the environmental impact has made peoples lives much easier. But now, we are in a time where all these acts have made our lives more difficult. Being smart and talking with a professional is always the best option.

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