Garage Demolition

There are two types of homes; ones that have garages and ones that don’t. Then there are two types garages; ones that are connected to the house and ones that are not connect to the physical home. For a variety of reasons, it often comes time when families decide they want to remove there detached garage all together. Poor appearance, better plans with the land, and weak infrastructure are all reasons people take the plunge. As a family after you have decided that the garage needs to go, the thought process of “how are we going to do it” comes into place.

A garage demo is no picnic. This is a fairly complicated and dangerous demolition project that should be tackled by professionals only. Elite Services Junk Removal & Demolition has the experience to work with all garage demos. After removal, we take away all the materials and recycle them ourselves. Through our demo services it will look and feel as if, a garage was never even on your property.

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