5 Tips for Creating Space for the Holidays

Garage StorageThe holiday season is right around the corner which means dinner parties, decorations, time with family, and gift giving. Is your home ready for the holiday world wind? Make extra space for storing holiday decor and new items you are sure to acquire during the holiday season by reorganizing and eliminating the items you no longer use or need.

1. Purchase new storage containers

Do you have a bad habit of quickly taking down holiday decor and shoving it in a box for the off season? Don’t worry – we’ve all been there. Often times this means frustration when you get ready to decorate next year, you are greeted by a box of broken decorations and half working strings of light. Get ahead of the frustration and pick up new storage containers before the end of the holiday season. Go through all of the old boxes in your attic and donate any decor you no longer use and throw away any broken strings of lights, decorations, candles, and ornaments. This will give you a fresh start to organize your holiday decor at the end of the holiday season and ensure you are only storing the items that are working.

2. Organize your closet(s)

Between the urge of purchasing new clothing for holiday events and storing guests jackets, you’re going to need as much space in your closet as possible. Organize your closet by color and item type to get an idea of what you already own so you’re not purchasing duplicate items. The clothing and outwear you no longer wear but is in good shape, donate to local shelters and charities to help others in need and to free up extra space in your bedroom and hall closets.

3. Donate kitchen appliances you never use

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is where you’ll be doing all of your holiday food prep. With the amount of guests coming over, you have enough food to feed a small village and not enough places to store it. Go through your cabinets, toss/donate any food items you no longer use and finally get rid of that bread maker and any other small appliances that have been sitting in the pantry for years and has never been used. This will free up the extra space needed to store holiday cooking ingredients.

4. Organize your receipts

Are you still holding on to receipts from last holiday season? Hold on to receipts for electronics but get rid of any other receipts since you no longer need. Pick up a receipt organizer the next time you’re out running errands to get ahead of the gift receipts you’ll be holding on to this year.

5. Tackle your child’s playroom

One of the most difficult spaces to organize, use this opportunity as a learning experience to help your children give to other children in need. Any of the toys that are still working, donate to local shelters and childrens groups and recycle the toys that are broken, missing pieces, or are no longer being used. This will help free up some space for the gifts they’ll be receiving this holiday season from friends and family.

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