Fall Cleaning Checklist

Fall Yard CleanupThe fall weather has finally made an appearence in Eastern Massachusetts, making it the perfect weather for preparing for winter and doing any last minute cleaning and organizing of your home before the holidays. We’ve put together a long list of of indoor and outdoor tasks to ensure you don’t neglect any space!

Indoor Tasks

1. Clean your windows. Your windows are the eyes of your home and are an easy task your kids can even help with! Plan to clean them on a cloudy day, when it’s easier to dust and streaks.

2. Have your carpets cleaned. It’s wise to have your carpets cleaned twice per year, especially if you have pets. We suggest cleaning your carpets in the spring and fall, as they are a little less hectic, the weather is cool making it more comfortable to have your windows open during the process, and children are in school.

3. Declutter & cleanout your attic. Before you start digging around in your attic for holiday decorations, take a day to go through your attic, organize any boxes, and donate furniture you no longer use to make it easier to get around. This will also create more space for any summer items you need to store.

4. Clean your dryer vents. Lint and clogged dryer vents are a serious fire hazard, especially during the dry winter months with the heat running in your home. Keep an eye on your lint screen and call in a professional to clean your dryer vent to avoid any hazards.

5. Have your furnace maintenanced. Before you start running your heating system this winter, make an appointment to have a furnace tune-up to help your system run more efficiently, expand its lifespan, and lower your heating bills.

6. Cleanout & organize your garageDuring the winter, your garage will be utilize more so than any other time of the year. Between storage, snow removal, and holiday party prep, you’re going to need as much space as you can. Our best tip is to remove everything from your garage, clean the surgaces (sweep, leaf blow, etc.) and organize the items you use consistently as you fill your garage back up. Leave all of the items you no longer need or use in your driveway and call Elite Junk Removal to come pick them up to ensure they are disposed through the proper channels.

Outdoor Tasks

1. Inspect your roof. Before the snow starts falling, take the time to inspect your roof for any missing or damaged shingles to help eliminate leaks come winter. Missing shingles can also increase the changes of ice build up under the shingles that still remain, causing expensive damage.

2. Clean out your gutters. Build up in your gutters can cause another slue of issues from clogged drains to water damage behind your siding and gutter damage from the built up weight. After the majority of the leaves in your yard have finished falling,

3. Clean your windows. Since you’ve already cleaned the inside of your windows, you mine as well clean the outside as well. This will give you the opportunity to remove any gunk from the glass before it freezes during the cold, winter months.

4. Unplug and drain water fountains and sprinkler systems. Blowing out your sprinkler system and draining any water from water fountains will avoid cracked and damaged pipes, water fountains, and costly repairs.

5. Clean your deck and yard of debris. Duing the winter months, your lawn won’t need much maintenance but giving it a final (short) cut, raking up leaves, and disposing of any other debris will make yard cleanup come spring much easier.

6. Cover outdoor furniture. Covering the outdoor furniture you can’t bring indoors will help reduce the amoutn of rusting over the cold, wet winter months. If you have furniture that you no longer use, disposing of it will make winterizing your property much easier.

For all of your junk removal, demolition, and home cleanout needs this fall, call Elite Junk Removal & Demolition today at (978) 317-5388.

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